Our Story

A message from our founder – Saralise Ming

In 2012, My father challenged me to create the perfect black cake. Coming from a family of bakers, I learnt the basics of making black cake from Mom. It was her recipe that served as the basis for this journey.

Dad and I worked to improve the ingredient ratios and the baking techniques. No matter how perfect I felt our cake was becoming, he’d always say “but Sara you need to fix this“. Hearing this phrase for several years was terribly frustrating. However in 2019, I finally made magic happen and his comment changed to – “Sara, what you have here is a world class product!“.

As the pandemic hit the world in early 2020, our work on bringing you our black cake was paused. Then in early 2021, my dear Dad sadly passed. His last slice of our black cake was still in the fridge waiting for him to finish.

Today, this cake is a representation of a Father + Daughter love. It’s a product of our time together and something that Dad wanted me to share with the world.

A traditional Guyanese Black Cake. A labor of love. A piece of our culture. A family tradition. A timeless gift.

“Every now and then, something comes along that makes us sit up with awareness. Something that touches us at a level much deeper than the regular, something that tickles the tastebuds and whispers to the senses. Pay attention. This may be that something……….”